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VirtuaOPs is a simulation software which combines anatomy training and operational simulation in a single product. On a tablet or smartphone, the user sees the 3D model of a virtual human body that they can study arbitrarily. They can select body regions of interest, virtually dissect them and deal with the exact anatomy of the bones, muscles, nerves and tendons. The finger or stylus is used as a substitute for a scalpel and other surgical instruments. In contrast to other anatomy trainers they can now manipulate everything with their virtual surgical tools and thus perform a virtual operation. In addition to the prescribed general body model there will be the option to import patient specific MRI or CT data into VirtuaOPs.

For the student VirtuaOPs offers the possibility to practice in more detail and to learn the anatomy faster and more firmly in addition to body courses. This can happen even within such a course to allow all participants to do the same preparations. This is when the multi-user mode comes in handy because it allows to implement teacher-student situations. Automatic evaluations (eg nerves were transected, (which) vessels hurt, etc.) allow comparisons between different people or tries of a person. With its mobile implementation, VirtuaOPs provides the students with a convenient alternative to anatomy books.

The surgeon, however, can use VirtuaOPs to prepare for surgery and try operations beforehand using actual patient data. They can identify potential complications in advance, increasing patient safety and shorten operation time.

By using the software on cloud servers, the simulation can be streamed to any portable device, without sacrificing the level of detail and correct tissue-physics.

Demo of our current VirtuaOPs prototype in December 2016 showcasing several incisions and features of the app.