The HUMANICS-Team, from left to right: Alexander Ruck, Kim Werner, Thomas Hesse, Benedikt Walser.
Not shown in the picture: CEO Doreen Webel and Mentor Tobias Breiner.

Doreen Webel is our CEO and is in charge of the marketing department.
Dr. Thomas Hesse is responsible for the realistic implementation of the simulation and contributes his knowledge about biomechanics, anatomy and surgical routines. The simulation software is being developed by Benedikt Walser and Kim Werner, who were working in the software industry until the founding of HUMANICS.
The team is completed by business economist Alexander Ruck, who is responsible for finance and sales.

Prof. Dr. Tobias Breiner, Head of the Game Engineering program at the University of Applied Sciences Kempten is supporting the team as mentor and technical advisor.

Doreen WebelDoreen Webel
CEO & Marketing
Doreen Webel

Thomas HesseDr. Thomas Hesse
Medical Director
Thomas Hesse
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Benedikt WalserM.Sc. Benedikt Walser
Software Developer
Benedikt Walser
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Kim WernerM.Sc. Kim Werner
Software Developer
Kim Werner
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Alexander RuckB.B.A. Alexander Ruck
Alexander Ruck

Tobias BreinerProf. Dr. Tobias Breiner