HUMANICS @ RTM 2015, Petersberg, Bonn, Germany

From 09/21 to 09/23/2015 NVIDIA organized the Round Table Meeting again at the Petersberg near Bonn. This event brings together international customers and partners, which use NVIDIA’s graphics cards professionally. Their applications range from medical imaging through Virtual Reality to automotive and aviation/aerospace industry. The majority of the program is done by partners who organize sessions for about ten persons each.

We were given the opportunity to present VirtuaOPs as part of the Keynote presentations in front of everyone (about 200 people). The presentation, titled: „VirtuaOPs – The next step in medical education and surgical training“ was split into three parts. Dr. Thomas Hesse talked about the idea behind our product and the benefits for medical training. Kim Werner spoke about the history over the last years. Benedikt Walser gave some insight into the technical basics of the simulation software and explained the necessity of the used NVIDIA technologies. In a live demonstration the audience could see the current prototype in action.

We thank NVIDIA for the invitation and all visitors for the positive feedback and the interesting discussions.